And I'm back

I’m sorry for the lack of update. I recently had an opportunity and spent almost a week getting prepared for a job interview. Unfortunately for me, it won’t go further.

The diving project is progressing well. I added social features, pictures upload, and spot suggestions. I have to work on the fish database and after this, I open it for you to test.

I made a small extra project (I know, it’s not good to mix things) to help a friend. My next post will be about it. It deals with a new way to give presents to friends or familly.

Last but not least, during the last two weeks, I spent time learning about lean startup and was yesterday at Techcrunch Remix France

The “lean startup” principle is very interesting, I encourage you to read about it. I share most of their ideas and already used this kind of iterations and engagement in my personal projects.

  • keywords: “Business Model”, “Minimum viable product”, “Agile”, “test hypothesis”, “customer engagement”.
  • books: “4 steps to epiphany”, “Business Model Generation”.
  • names: Eric Ries

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