Diving project: icons

The diving project is progressing well, I suspect a first release for you to test in the coming days.

I need icons for the dive types and locations, it’s a call for participation.


  • altitude
  • cave
  • deep
  • drift
  • ice
  • night
  • search
  • wreck


  • sea and ocean
  • lake
  • cave
  • river
  • quarry

Anne accepted to give me a little help on this. If you want to participate, let us know in the comments. We would like to hear your suggestions too.

Its possible that the Open Clipart library can help. But I would like a consistent design across all icons.

I don’t know yet if they should be symbols (silhouettes), simple drawings or colored complex drawings. I think it will be hard to find symbols that differentiate them well, and they might be hard to understand.

They will be 72 x 72 px. They will be on a white background.

The Chrome Store or Android or Tango icon guidelines are a great resources to understand what makes a great icon.

They have to share the same palette and the same global shape. They can be build with the same background to add coherence.

It would be nice if they were done using the .svg file format (using Inkscape for example).

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