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If like me you are fed up with the cluttered interface of the main French train ticket website, I advise you to try Capitaine Train, a startup that sells tickets too but re-invented the interface and is doing it right.

However, if you still want to use for whatever reason, you can install this little hack I made by removing everything not necessary to me: left before, right after

How to use it:
Install the Stylish add-on for Firefox or Chrome, then install my style from this page. Enjoy.

The simple “source code” is available on this gist, feel free to make it better.

This could be a message to SNCF: Keep It Simple Stupid, please.

Maldives documentary

A friend of mine is working on two or three documentaries about marine life. He is a very passionate diver and really loves to share his passion. You can watch his previous videos on his Dailymotion Channel.

His first trip is to the Maldives, where he will be filming Manta Rays. I worked using Blender on a shot that explains the travel and the location.

You can see on the following video, various iterations of this shot:

Image processing with Javascript

I’m used to do image processing using Matlab or OpenCV. But today, I prefer using web technologies because sharing and debugging is easier.

How to do image processing using Javascript ?

The canvas API is good to manipulate pixels, however, a library with the most common operations would be great.
I spotted two libraries: PaintbrushJS and Pixastic.

  • PaintbrushJS simply allows to apply filters to images on the page, that’s it.
  • Pixastic is more flexible, offers more filters and features. And you can easily call a filter in your Javascript code.

But because of its simplicity when reading the code, I started some experimentations using PaintbrushJS.

After a few minutes, I noticed that the matrix convolution operation was not correct in this library. So I fixed it in my branch. Feel free to use it.

Experimenting with “Concept Free Art”

It’s been a while since I want to dive a little into generative graphics. I never had the chance to use processing for a project for example.

I found that Aza Raskin ported some time ago Concept Free Art to javascript. I was curious about this concept of only-recursive drawings. As everything recursive, a few lines of code can produce something very complicated.

As a conclusion, I played with it some time, but I really think it’s too limited. In the end, all the drawings end by being either growing trees, fractals or tiles.

Here are some results of my exploration (You can re-generate the drawings by clicking the “code” link):




And I'm back

I’m sorry for the lack of update. I recently had an opportunity and spent almost a week getting prepared for a job interview. Unfortunately for me, it won’t go further.

The diving project is progressing well. I added social features, pictures upload, and spot suggestions. I have to work on the fish database and after this, I open it for you to test.

I made a small extra project (I know, it’s not good to mix things) to help a friend. My next post will be about it. It deals with a new way to give presents to friends or familly.

Last but not least, during the last two weeks, I spent time learning about lean startup and was yesterday at Techcrunch Remix France

The “lean startup” principle is very interesting, I encourage you to read about it. I share most of their ideas and already used this kind of iterations and engagement in my personal projects.

  • keywords: “Business Model”, “Minimum viable product”, “Agile”, “test hypothesis”, “customer engagement”.
  • books: “4 steps to epiphany”, “Business Model Generation”.
  • names: Eric Ries