Bringing video support to Phonegap Android

Phonegap for Android had serious issues with inline videos: HTML <video> tag was not supported at all on Android inferior to 4. (On Android 4.X, they require the View to be hardware accelerated)

On behalf of Joshfire, I worked on the main cordova Android source code by adding elements from the original Android browser. In the end, clicking on a video on a Phonegap application starts a fullscreen video player view. Hitting the “back” button goes back to the app. This is far from perfect, but better than nothing.

After submitting my pull request, I had warm and polite feedback from Simon Mc Donald of the Phonegap team, he helped to test my work and added the final touches before accepting the code into his branch.

Today the feature has been shipped into Phonegap 2.2.0. I had great feedback from both Phonegap creators and users. That’s something very motivating.

See the final commit in Phonegap’s source code.

Maldives documentary

A friend of mine is working on two or three documentaries about marine life. He is a very passionate diver and really loves to share his passion. You can watch his previous videos on his Dailymotion Channel.

His first trip is to the Maldives, where he will be filming Manta Rays. I worked using Blender on a shot that explains the travel and the location.

You can see on the following video, various iterations of this shot: