I’ve been hacking on a little project during the summer. The idea is to use the phone as a remote controller for a game displaying on a screen. I’m building a dance game, where the players’ goal is to follow a dance seen live in a video.

I’m using the accelerometers of the phone to record the movement of the players. Then I compare this to the reference movement of this video. If the movement match, the player earn points. The best dancer win at the end of the game.
Technically, the main challenges are the processing of the accelerometer data and communicating in real time.

Accelerometer data from the phone: I could use the native APIs and build a native app, but Phonegap is providing an accelerometer API, so I could build my app once and use it on many platforms.

Data comparison: I have to use well thinked descriptors to compare the recorded data to the reference. I will start by detecting the “bumps”, their direction and their amplitude.

Live communication: I’m using some real time technology to make all the device communicating with a server in real time: my choice is to use node.js and the library (and to ideally use web sockets).

Data store: the library of dances will be stored in a no-SQL database. My choice is to use mongoDB.

Record a dance: one last challenge is to record the reference dance for a given video. I will try to use some simple machine learning algorithms to extract the reference from a set of records.

You can follow the development on my github.