Steren's labs

Side projects and experiments

  1. Half-Life Engine JS
  2. Pure CSS content filtering with :has()
  3. Lifting water to store energy
  4. Space to earth solar energy
  5. Set up Firebase Hosting in front of a Cloud Run service, without using the firebase CLI
  6. <stereo-img> a web component to display 3D stereo pictures on web pages and in VR
  7. Diagram of a container base image update
    A Naive container base image update strategy
  8. Screenshot of sliders showing Carbon footprint, price and latency
    Google Cloud Region Picker
  9. Screenshot of a list with custom bullets
    Display the value of an HTML attribute in custom list bullets with CSS
  10. Datastore cleaner
  11. Migrating from App Engine to Cloud Run
  12. Screenshot as SVG
  13. Computing CO2 emissions from Location History
  14. Animating SVG using CSS
  15. Deepwater: Deep-learning based enhancer for underwater pictures
  16. Open sourcing Remixthem, my first Android app
  17. Rendering Blender 3D scenes in the cloud
  18. Web page visual history
  19. Attractors
  20. Scuba Diving dashboard using Google Data Studio
  21. Extracting all Go regular expressions found on GitHub
  22. Setting up Stackdriver Error Reporting on Play Framework 1.4
  23. Projection mapping on painting
  24. Generating a name tag sheet from a list of names
  25. Trying to confuse Google’s Vision algorithms with dogs and muffins
  26. Color palette showcase
  27. Painting in the style of Bob Ross
  28. Climb Tracker for Android and Android wear
  29. Exploring ruled surfaces with Three.js and Sketchfab
  30. Building a portfolio using Polymer
  31. Cloud cup: a multiplayer set of mini games for web and Android
  32. Sketchfab Head Tracker
  33. Beansight is now open source
  34. Indoor climbing tracker
  35. LeCamping Mafia
  36. How to prove you created something before somebody else?
  37. How to generate a maze?
  38. Colourful intermediate results
  39. MRI proton spin: 3D animated mathematical curve in the browser using MathBox.js
  40. My Portfolio written with AngularJS
  41. Poker tournament tracker
  42. Sculptfab
  43. Server-sent Events ParisJS talk
  44. Bringing video support to Phonegap Android
  45. Annual update to “Cadeaux entre nous”
  46. more is less
  47. Noisebox: a connected music box
  48. Maldives documentary
  49. Square of the Dead
  50. AnyDance
  51. Hack Le Camping logo
  52. You just know the time
  53. Image processing with Javascript
  54. Beansight selected for Le Camping
  55. Controlling my laptop with hand gesture: a first result
  56. no-touch screen
  57. Experimenting with “Concept Free Art”
  58. Lesson learnt: use tasks and retries to send emails
  59. Beansight pitch
  60. Gifts between us
  61. Call Wikipedia API using jQuery
  62. Open Divers: My fish database
  63. Beansight: the path to the private beta
  64. Open Divers: How is it done?
  65. Open Divers: first screen
  66. Beansight at Start In Paris
  67. Open Divers: an online dive log
  68. SVG export for Alchemy