more is less

If like me you are fed up with the cluttered interface of the main French train ticket website, I advise you to try Capitaine Train, a startup that sells tickets too but re-invented the interface and is doing it right.

However, if you still want to use for whatever reason, you can install this little hack I made by removing everything not necessary to me: left before, right after

How to use it:
Install the Stylish add-on for Firefox or Chrome, then install my style from this page. Enjoy.

The simple “source code” is available on this gist, feel free to make it better.

This could be a message to SNCF: Keep It Simple Stupid, please.

2 thoughts on “ more is less

    1. Deisgn mobile first 🙂

      T’as raison, en plus j’ai déjà passé commande par ce site, et c’est certainement une solution plus stable par rapport à l’add-on.

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