Using MailJet as mail server for “Cadeaux entre nous”

My old website “Cadeaux entre nous” is seeing a large traffic during the christmass season:

This naturally lead to a mailing issue: I was previously using gmail to automatically send emails, I guess I reached the limit since it constantly required me to change the password.

I recently heard about MailJet, a French company that raised quite a lot of money last week. I knew Sendgrid but was willing to try something fresh.

Mailjet has a nice UI, clear instructions and allows you to setup your SMTP server in a few clicks. The real-time dashboard with analytics is a real plus to see if everything goes well.

I quickly reached the free plans limit (which is 200 mails per day), but thanks to a few donations from my users, I could upgrade a Bronze plan and since then, all is runnign smoothly. I guess I will downgrade when the holiday season is over.